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Move Forward with Your Career

Losing your job is a painful experience, one many people have gone through at some point in their careers. In many cases, employers issue severance packages, including a set amount of pay, vacation pay, and other benefit-related compensation. What many of our clients in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario don’t realize is that severance packages can be negotiated. If you recently lost your job, Brooker Law will work to help you obtain an appropriate severance package. Even if your company appears to be behaving honestly and taking care of its former employees, you should still seek legal advice. We have decades of experience providing sound legal representation to our clients in the wake of this stressful and traumatic event.

business professionals reviewing paperwork

Don’t Sign Your Severance Package Until We’ve Reviewed It

Don’t sign anything until you speak with Brooker Law. We offer a consultation by email to determine if a full consultation and severance package review is necessary. There is no financial obligation unless you decide to move forward to a full in person consultation.

It is crucial to understand that your employer will be focused on limiting their liability and the financial hit involved in paying your severance. Many people don’t realize that a severance package is not a “take it or leave it” document. For instance, some employers unfairly include a non-compete clause in severances. This is an unfair business practice that will impede your ability to further your career. Don’t sign any document with a non-compete clause. Instead, call us. We can negotiate on your behalf to get it removed. In the event we’re unable to reach a negotiated agreement, we can bring the case to a court or tribunal.

Don’t Be Taken Advantage Of! Contact Brooker Law Today

Brooker Law wants you to land on your feet. That means we want you to have the financial flexibility you need while you look for your next job. But we also want to prevent your employer from acting in bad faith and impeding your ability to grow your career elsewhere.

Some employers attempt to take advantage of their former employees. Don’t let it be you. Contact Brooker Law today for a consultation.

Brooker Law: Keeping You Informed Every Step of the Way